Dart: A little riled up are we

I was advancing on the wolves  they where scared about something. One thing that ya shouldn't do. Startle a werewolf. I landed on continued on foot. From what I saw A leader was standing in war camp. So there a searching for the assasian. Which was me but Unfortunetly they would pick up on vampire scent so they probably looking for a vampire. Well I should say hello. Just as he was about to leave I made sure that he was going to talk to me. 

" Ok I'm make this simple. My name is Dart and as you can see i'm vampire and demon. Don't mess with me. Now i'm looking for a shard of a blade. Do you know where it could be?"  I made myself clear.  

" Names Rush new leader of this werewolf clan." Rush said looking a little defensive.

" Nice to meet you. But I would just like to get to the jest of this meeting." I said

He looked slightly offended.

" The Shard you speak of is...... not for taking. Its an artifact of our race. and shall remain hidden."  He replied.

Great they probaly don't know a flippin thing about it.

" Thanks for your time. I will be back shortly but right now something has grabbed my attention." I said

which was true Becaus I just felt release of magic energy back in the forest.



The End

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