Rush: What on Earth?

"So how well do you think the vampire hunt is going?"

"That's a good question Lucian, one I don't want an answer for. I like surprises." It's been about half a day since I sent my pack out hunting. Lucian and myself have so far alerted two other packs to help. Though werewolves do have extremely good speed, we decided to walk. After all, why waste energy to talk to people?

Just before I got to the next clan, I saw someone run down the road. It looked a bit like a vampire but a bit too much like a demon for my comfort. Lucian however, thought differently.

" A vamp, looks like our boys aren't doing so well. Should we go after him."

"Leave him, we have no business with demons. Besides, we're not suppose to be the ones fighting right now, are we?"

We entered the clan's hideout, oddly, no one was there. Probably out hunting or something. Right at the moment we left however, they seemed to be coming.

" Ah there you are, I have a request. Our leader was just killed by a vampire and..."

"VAMPIRES?!? NOOO!!!!!!" And then most of them ran inside. What on Earth was that about? Werewolves aren't afraid of vampires. Then the clan leader approached me.

"Rush, my entire clan was just defeated."

"Wait, what? By who?!"

" An extremely powerful vampire. I understand that you're trying to get revenge, but this guy has hypnosis on his side. His eyes burned in gold! Sorry Rush, we'd help if we could." And with that, he went inside.

I can't believe it, an entire pack taken down by one vampire!?! That's disgusting! Luckily, I have a slight advantage. Because me and my brother we both wolf-borns for 5 generations, we were both colour blinds. If any vampire's eyes decide to glow, it wouldn't make a difference. I ran in the direction they came from.

"Where are you going?" Lucian shouted.

"I'm gonna get a look at this 'Extremely powerful vampire'. See if this is serious."

The End

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