Arrow: Headache

When the a mixed breed girl jumped down I immediatly got defensive. But then I felt the ache in my head.

"Uh, I can't be bothered" I mutter turning and walking of leaving both Seeker and they mix breed confused.

"Oh, is the little power guy afraid to fight a girl he can't beat?" Seeker says teasing.

"Leave me alone" I say rubbing my forehead in thought you know the way you do when you're stressed but need to think or wake up.

"He seems mardy" the girl says showing fangs. Part vampire then.

"He's usually calm this is the most reaction I've gotten out of him all day" Seeker say smiling slightly happy.

"I bet I could get a better one" then she begins to sing soft notes. Uh, part siren.

"Look, I really have a headache" I say looking across at her shocked face annoyed.

"But... you......" she pouts angrily.

"Leave me alone" I hiss and watch her step back in shock. But then fury rages all over her face and while she can't go against what I said till it wears off..... give it four hours since of the condition I'm in. She can still be mad and furious about it.

"Spoil sport" Seeker mutters.

"Are you coming?" I shout at him.

"Are you saying you actually like me annoying you?" he says wide eyed and slightly happy.

"Uh, can't be bothered" I groan and walk off Seeker following muttering comments which I take silently.

The End

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