Seeker: Mangy Scoundrels...

I followed Arrow as he left the scene of our canine encounter behind. I kept unusually quiet, lost in my own thoughts. The werewolves were annoyed, of that I was certain. Not that that was anything new, werewolves were among the easiest creatures to tick off.

I knew that from experience.

However, something told me that this was more serious than anything I had suspected before. This was clearly a situation of some gravity. The death of a werewolf leader was not something that happened often, unless of course he was routed out by a younger, stronger member of his own pack.

A lead wolf being killed by a vampire was almost unheard of to me.

Not that that changed my feelings at all. I'd never liked werewolves and any excuse to make the most of their discomfort was fine by me. They'd better watch their back, djinn don't take kindly to threats and I am no exception. Even as I walked sedately beside Arrow, my head was already full of plots and ideas for revenge.

Mangy scoundrels. I'm going to get them for this...

The End

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