Daisy: Rain, rain, come again!

Well... That was creepy! The Voice says. The Voice hasn't always been there, only since my fifteenth birthday - When the Matron died. Arrow and the others walk off, I stay in the trees for another ten minutes, just to be sure.

Drip, drip, drip, drop. Rain starts to fall around me and, landing on leaves and plopping on head. The first had landed at the top of my nose, and ran all the way down. I love the rain, it has to be said. The smell makes me happy inside, when I was young I was a backwards child, always inside during the sun and always out in the rain and snow; and in these neck of the woods, it always rains.

I slide down the tree, and wander further into the woods, the smell of the damp earth rising into my nose. Hehehe! I spin and dance in the rain, there's something about dancing in the rain which makes it unlike anything else. The rain turns my dark coppery brown hair into thick rope-like strands, all twisted with each other.

I skip through the woods, till I get to a huge lake, which glisens in the moonlight. Birds fly over the moon, and the atomsphere is peaceful for a moment. I look down at my reflection, mystified. My skin is even paler than usual, reflecting the light. My huge oval eyes, wider than earlier, the whites whiter the green greener, and the puples seemingly blacker and deeper than ever before. My eyes grin in the corners, my own aura amused.

I see the water elfs skipping along the water, calling me. I sit down, my arms streched out behind me, looking at the scene in front of me.

The End

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