Iris: Intro.

"Claw, take a hike. Seriously. I don't like you." said Iris, crossing her arms at the cyclops in front of her. He fell to his knees, begging. Iris kicked him, and walked away.

Iris saw herself as an impossible race. Part Were, part Vampire, part Siren, and part Human. She could sing to people to seduce them into things, she could change into a white tiger, and she had to drink blood at least once a year.

She glanced at herself in a pond. She had sharp, gleaming white vampire fangs, dark purple eyes that glowed, long blond hair, and pale white skin that shimmered slightly in the moonlight. A small silver stud glinted from one ear, and she was dressed in black, fitted, strechy bottoms, good for fighting and running in, and a red t-shirt that had had the bottom ripped off so it came just over her belly button.

Iris climbed into one of the trees, as she saw a few creatures coming closer. She chuckled to herself. She didn't know if they were lost humans or what. She hooked her feet over a branch, let her tiger tail grow, latched that round the branch, and she let er head, arms and torso drop down, to look at the creatures.

"Hey. Hehe. Not human. Ok." She grinned, let her tail dissapear, then land on her feet, crouched. The creatures stood, looking ready to fight....

The End

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