Daisy: Ooooh... Cat fight.

The vampire quickly drains the human, and flys off. I jump to another tree still glancing around, I have the memory of The Matron telling me about the monkeys in the Amazon, flying from branch to branch. Being locked up in zoos, humans are related to monkeys. I think they could be second cousins or something....

I hear something in the distance, it draws me like light to a moth. Vampires and Werewolves face to face, fang to fang. I smirk, Cat fight!

Ironic words, Daisy. As always.

Oh you love it. Admit it!

The Voice doesn't reply, but I feel it being amused. Lost in my own world I see a Werewolf lung at the vampire, the vampire simply steps to the side, Show off.

He pulls off his glasses, Hang on, one clock ticking moment. Do I know you?

"ENOUGH!" Arrow shouts, "YOU SHALL NOT DEFY ME!"

I'm shocked, that's a fact and a statment.

The little thing next to him speaks to him. The wolves run off, tails between their legs, "This is not over." One barks.

I gulp, slightly scared.

The End

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