Arrow: Werewolves

I sensed werewoles off to the right and both me and Seeker turned to see them approach. Their large bodies towering high when they stand.

"Vampire" One of them barks out.

"Hi, come to add something else to my life" I say tilting my head. Just then he sweeps a clawa for my head. "Wow" I shout jumping out of the way.

"They don't seem to like you" Seeker says looking a bit worried himself as a werewolf approaches him. "I hate werewolves"

Me to, I mean they're so unprodictable. I remove my glasses. "Sit" They both sit on the floor like dogs. I sigh and slip my glasses back on. "Now please tell me what the fuss is about"

"One of you leeches killed our leader" I turn to see a werewolf behind me.

"Hmm, you take his place" I say examining the way the others follow him. "Can we do this another time I've really had a bad day"

"Yeah, he got tossed round alot" I turn my head to glare at Seeker. "Maybe now isn't the right time" I turn back to the leader my back facing the hypmotised ones.

"Look, I don't want to hurt you" I say baring my teeth, seriously I don't want to. I'm full and my teeth ache. The wolves laugh.

"I was just about to say the same thing" then he lunges. I step to the side avoiding it perfectly. I pull off my glasses.

"Enough!" I shout. "You shall not defy me"

I watch as all the werewolves begin to retreat slowly except for the leader who stares at me shocked.

"And I wonder why I can't annoy you?" Seeker whispers. But I'm not concentrating on him. I know my eyes are bruning gold and the werewolf glares at me before retreating with his clan.

"This is not over" he barks then turns taking off at a run.

The End

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