Dart: Expression of a mortal

For my long life I always wondered why mortals looked so accepting after I suck there life out? I dropped the human male and continued on to the mountians. I have better hope that the werewolve don't recognize my scent. Since afterall I killed there beloved leader. Werewolves had a weird sence of loyalty if there strong they will die for there leade if the leader shows signs of weakness they kill there. If the leader is more Brain the Brawn they kill there leader. If the leader is more brawn then brain they kill there leader. Almost like the leader needed to be well rounded. Which I can respect but the need to kill is just pointless, and primitive. I make my way into thick dense forest. I can smell those two I met earlier. Interesting out of all the beings I met these where not in the least annoying. No matter I should pass them anyways my mission is the shard.


I jump above the forest's leaves and branches and pushed my magical energy down to keep me above the mess of the forest. This one thing I thank my demon blood for. Large amounts of magic energy.  In the Distance there is a large flame with the figures of mortals celebrating. New leader already how am I not surprised.

The End

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