Rush: Werewolf

There's an uproar at the house of werewolves, and the reason is perfectly understandable. A few days ago, our leader was killed in a battle, no doubt by a vampire. Now there were just the fifteen of us, and boy were we angry!

" Behead those blood suckers!"

" Blow them up while they sleep!"

"Kill all!!!" It was a friggin riot in here, my ears are bleeding waterfalls. I've had enough.

"SHUT UP!" And with that, the room goes quiet. " With Jet dead, the first thing on the agenda is to pick a new leader, NOT make a plan to do away with the vampires!" Everyone looks at each other for a few minutes, then finally someone speaks.

" That's a good point Rush, I suppose you're suggesting yourself as leader?"

" Look around Lucian, all the men in our tribe are strong, but few have the brains to take the position. It seems quite clear that I'm perfect for the spot. Aside from that, as Jet's only brother, I see no reason why not to be."

" Ack!" That was Ritoll, the most arrogant of all of us. " To be the leader you don't need brains boy! You need brute strength! I should be the leader!" Before anyone could consider it, I flipped over his table, jumped on him and bit off his forehead. Then I stand up with the flesh still in my mouth, and devour it.

"Anyone else object to me being leader! If so, SPEAK NOW!!" Not one spoke, not one hand raised, it was decided.

" Congratulations young Rush." Lucian came up to me. "Now tell me, what your first act as leader of the pack?"

" Well the vampires also lost their leader, and they need to have a ritual to decide a new one, to we have the upperhand. I say that we take this chance, to gather every living vampire, and ripped their bodies into pieces!" There was a large cheer among the pack. " To do this, we must find every single one, and hold them in captivity until we get all of them. Wolfborn's, you take the south side, Bitten's you take the north. Lucian, you and I will alert the other wolf packs, after all, I'm sure they will want to join the fun. We start tomorrow at dusk, until then, we drink!" Another large cheer, this one even greater. My subjects must like me. Don't worry brother, I will avenge your death.

" Here's to the new leader!"

"Hey hey!!"

The End

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