Glitter: Where am I?

Owww. Why does my body hurt? What happened?

I open my eyes, and close them imediately again. This light is bright. I didn't know it could glow so much. My body aches. My head aches. Everything is throbing.

Through slited eyes, I can see the ceiling. It has a criss-crossing of lines, at right angles. Between them, are squares of what looks like a white sponge. As my eyes become adusted, I can open them more. The room is an anomaly. Something I have never seen before.

It smells acrid. The walls are an imitation of the leaves in my home. An ugly imitation that no one from my town or world would have dared try to pull. My body seems to be laying on a hard, thin mattress. There are bars on my bed. Cloth is hanging in the area around me, creating a barrier. I have no idea what is on the other side, but I know there is more to this place.

I might feel better if I only knew where I was.

The End

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