Arrow: Past

"So who was the girl anyway?" Seeker asks leaning against a tree opposite.

"Her name was Daisy...... she remided me of someone" I whisper.

"A girlfriend...... so you aren't a cold hearted beast you're a lovable sweet heart?" he teases.

"I tried to change the girl.... but she died" I whisper.

"Hmm, reserection" Seeker says tilting his head then fires something behind my head. I turn to see a hissing vampire who just runs off looking for a meal.

"Don't know, it is possible..... she died during transformation"

"Ohh, nasty way to go" he says smiling slightly. I remeber the scream.... he's right, its one of the worst ways to go. Supposedly your soul gets ripped in half.... but over time vampires loose their soul so I couldn't have died with her.

The End

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