Seeker: Bored

Despite my best efforts at goading him, I soon grew bored of Arrow's constant nonchalance. I huffed irritably and stalked beside him, doing my best to infuriate him by imitating the way he walked. Typically, he remained unphased.

Jees, I thought to myself, I could dance naked right in front of this guy's face covered in fish paste and he wouldn't so much as bat an eyelash.

Inevitably, when I got bored, I got fidgety. I started shooting the occasional hex at passing animals, pigeons and such. When this lost it's attraction, I turned to any unsuspecting humanoids that happened to be roaming around. A couple of half-starved tramps were picking in a garbage bin. I presently made the bin leap into the air and jam itself hard on one of the tramp's heads. His companion ran off, clearly freaked out while the other blundered about, crashing into things and tripping over his own feet. I cackled maliciously, I enjoyed tormenting mortals.

Arrow shot me a disapproving look, I raised an eyebrow at him and he rolled his eyes and looked away, muttering something like, "bleeding djinns" under his breath.

The night was calm and peaceful, with only the noise of my startled victims to break the silence.

How unbearably dull.

The End

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