Daisy: Eep!

I creep along side the house, breathing deeply.

"Whoa!" I mutter as some of the ledge crumbles away. The creepy people are all over the house, I can sense them; humans. I edge along to a window and pick my mirror out of a pocket in my trousers. I try to shine it into the window to see who's in there, I see a stronge looking woman with a scar down her cheek talks into a walkie-talkie. She checks in the room, I quickly press myself against the wall with my mirror slipping into my pocket, I feel her standing right by the window looking out.

I hope my breath and feel The Voice being silence, which is odd. I let out my breath as the foot steps retreat, they stop and come back to the window. AGGHHH!! I think.

Shut up! She might hear you! The voice says, I nod acknoweleging it. The woman's dark aura shines through the windows, I see it look defeated as she walks backwards. Then, it's gone. I hear the door click shut, if I didn't have such good hearing then I would have surely missed that.

I throw my senses around, when I'm sure it's safe - ish. I jump down and roll breaking the fall, standing up right up straight away. I glance back, teary eyed and run out. Greedy blaahhs

The End

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