Dart: Searching for the puzzle pieces.

I guess the answer was no as he took off.  Seeker disapeared too. Oh well off too look for the next shard. I only needed to more peices and the blade will be complete.  The blade of punishment or justice it all had to do with what my intentions where. If I'm good intentioned it would be the blade of justice, if I'm ill intentioned blade of punishment. I honestly don't have any intentions.  So i was curiouse to how the blade would turn up.  I sat down and concentrated searching for the shards energy. There was one close by Northwards heading towards mountians. How lolvely. It looks like werewolves have the second last shard. 

I hated dealing with werewolve actualy scratch that every race of being. Werewolve are too dumb, Angels so full of themselves, Vampires are solitary, Humans die, Slyphs not many left, And demons. I haven't met another demon but i'm sure I won't get along with them. I get up it was getting dark , and the firt time in a long time I was thirsty for blood.I dreaded taking human lives for my own survival.  Maybe thats why I want to aquire the blade to change my being.  

The End

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