Daisy: When things go creep in the night

He leaves making the house feel way too big for me. I am too tierd so I drag myself upstairs to my room. I open the door and fall face first onto my bed, I haven't been this tierd since I was smaller.

I crawl under the covers still fully dressed in my warrioress clothes. My eyelids are heavy, my breathing gets deeper and the next thing I know, I'm in a pool of blissful blackness.

Bang! Bang! Scrape, drag.

My eyes fly open, the nosies still continue; it wasn't a dream. I lift myself up, pulling a knife from under my pillow - I always have one near by.

I glance at my watch, it's only been five minutes. I roll of the bed, wide awake, knife in hand. I press my ear to the door, narrow my eyes in concentration. I hear the nosies again, closer this time.

Oh sh**! I recoil from the door to the other side of the room in 0.5 seconds as the door bangs. I open the window and stand on the long ledge outside as the door falls to the ground.

Don't look down Daisy! The Voice says.

The End

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