Arrow: Seeker

"......I just don't like being alone" Those words hit me like a ton of bricks. I hid it with a smile and know that I slightly raised my eyebrow.

The exact same words...... Err, go away memories, I scream in my head closing the door to my past.

"You look tired" I say as she yawns. She laughs and I keep my face calm. Then I feel a presence outside. I close my eyes and curse.

"Something wrong?" she asks.

"I have to go" I say standing up and crossing to the back door in the kitchen.

"Oh.... well see ya" she whispers. I turn and see her sad face and my heart lurches. No!

She's not Renai. Then with that I leave.

"You can tease me all you want Seeker she's just a human" I say walking slowly across the back yard.

"Aww, you didn't even bite her though" he whispers. "I'll escort you, you said"

"Tease me all you want you add something new to my life" I say calmly and I know he's a bit annoyed.

"You act to calm" he mutters walking now at my side. "You must have a breaking point"

"Lost it a while ago" I mutter looking at the floor.

The End

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