Seeker: View from the Windowsill

I swear as I sat outside the girl's "Safe House" I was finding it hard not to crow with delight. If, that was, magpies could crow. I watched, doing innocent little birdy impressions as the two talked to to one another. It was clear they were exceedingly awkward with each other. I could hear some of the conversation and believe you me I was finding it very hard not to burst out into fits of hysterics.

Oh boy, Leechy is NEVER going to live this down while I'm here! I wanted dirt, and I got a mountain of it.

This is going to be good.

Neither of the cute couple noticed me sitting outside listening in. I hadn't been alive this long not to know how to act. It was practically second nature now. Now all I had to do was listen and wait.

Then tease Fang Face to death. Literally.

Looks like I didn't need a sharpened stake or garlic cloves to make this guy's existance a misery.

The End

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