Daisy: Hmm...

We walk in silence for the next 3 miles.

"You never said you name," I say breaking the silence.

"Arrow." He says shortly.

Arrow? "And what's your surname? Bow?"

He glances at me, smirking, "No."  Talk about a conversation killer. The voice says, I sigh. For some reason  'Arrow' seems a little too familiar for my liking. Which is weird as the only other people - or things - I've met and remember, were The Matron and her partner, oh and the staff of course.  

We walk in silence again, I don't know what I'm gunna do when I get to my 'Safe House', I mean what if those stupid bums are there and try to kill me - us.

What a complicated world you live in, the Voice says. Once again I agree with her.

The End

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