Daisy: The Safe House

I continue to run for another 6 miles, weaving throughout the crowds; no one pays any attention to me thank goodness. I see the familiar structure of safe houses. I smile as I see it and speed up, I can practically smell the humans inside - just another of my weird gifts.

I leap up, pulling myself above the tall metal gate, then I jump down, squaring my knees as I do so. Now then, where's the entrance? I go up near the building, brushing my hand along the wall. A big, beardy, burely old man appeers from nowhere right in front of me.

"Oo are yooh?" He says in a deep thickly accented voice.

"Who are you?" I retort.

"I asked first and you ain't in any place to not answer, if ye gets me drift."

I sigh, It really isn't worth it Daisy. The voice says, I admit I agree. "I'm from the other safe house Merry Waters."

"Oh, ok then, c'mon in," he places his hand on the wall, a beam strenches up and down his hand, it opens a door in the wall. I follow him into a huge room.

The room has bare walls, minus the coat of arms hanging above the fireplace. Around 15 tables are in the room crowded with hundreds of people; I've never seen as many people ever before in my entire life.

A elegant old couple walk down a flight of stairs before me, their auras show that they are very powerful anoung their subjects. The woman holds out her hand saying in a silky voice, "Hello my child, I am Monica and this is my husband William. Who would you be?"

I take her hand shaking it formally, "I'm Daisy, from Merry Waters."

"Oh? So, why are you here?" She asks, her voice slightly patronising.

"The Matron died, just over 7 months ago, and now all the supplies are out."

"So, you've been living alone, in that big house for 7 months?" Her aura seems to change to a darker form.

"Um.. yes..." I say, suddenly unsure.

"Well, we can't have that now can we?" William says, "The safe houses are for humans, and humans only," he looks me up and down. "No one else, even if they do have a tiny bit of human blood in them; if they have anything else in them, then they can't go there." He says.

The atmosphere in the room changes and all the people stand watching me with intent eyes.

"You cannot go back there," The woman snarles, "And you're never going to leave!" She addresses the crowded room. "WE HAVE OUR SACRIFICE, ALL SHALL BARE WITNESS TO US AT LONG LAST. WE SHALL NOT BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED ANY LONGER!"

The room cheers, Oh God, why me? Why do I always get into these bloody situations.

The End

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