Seeker: Uh Oh...

Well that was an interesting encounter. An encounter of the damned scariest kind I'd ever seen. That was on nasty Fallen One. Even by their standards. How the heck did he just pick a vampire up and shake him like a packet of jelly? That was creepy. This must be the damned most powerful fallen angel I'd ever met.

And trust me, I'd met several Fallen Ones in my time. None were experiences I wanted to repeat.

As the vampire stalked off, looking a little stiff from his shaking at the hands of the angel (if I could call him that), and the half-thing started musing to itself, I decided it was time to do what I do best in these situations.

Run like there's no tomorrow.

With a nervous snicker, I snapped my fingers and turned into a magpie, taking off and flying away as fast as my wings could carry me.

Not that it hasn't been lovely meeting you all, but I'm definately offski!

The End

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