Arrow: No point

I brush down my trousers. I should learn to stop letting people throw me around. I mean I can fight back easily but...... I mean there's no point in fighting back cause it will just cause more fighting.

I walk away silently. I'm not thirsty anymore and I see no reason to stay out in the daylight so I head towards a bar.

No humans go here these days its just vampires, werewolves, witches and what not.

I sit at a quiet table in the corner and a female vampire walks over. "How you doing?" She says sitting down and folding her legs showing the elegance of them off.

"Fine thank you" I say looking at her.

"Why are you wearing your glasses inside?" she says leaning closer. Her eyes are emerald green and her hair is like flames.

"Cause I want to" I say simply.

She smiles revealing her fangs. "Mind if I take a look behind them?" she whispers.

"Yes" I say calmly and she leans in closer almost draping her body over me.

"Oh, please" she whispers.

"Back off" I hiss, this time she takes the hint. She hisses then walks off and I settle back calmly.

Even vampires don't get along with vampires, unless they share a blood bond meaning they exchanged blood for one to be a vampire or have fallen in love.

Renai....... No, she's gone I musn't think about her then with that I walk over to a small female witch at the bar.

The End

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