Daisy: ...Right, back to business

To think, I used to want to come outside all the time and start an adventure. Boy am I glad The Matron stopped me! I think to myself. That angel dude Rafael and the others departed. I stick my head out from the trees glancing to each side, when I'm sure the coast is clear, I causiously creep out.

My senses are on full alert as I start to run down the street to the next safe house. Hopefully they'll have some essentials I could have. I hear a sound to the side and from the corner of my eye I see something lunge at me. Before either of us know anything, I spin on one foot in an anti-clockwise formation wacking the creature around the face. It falls to ground, shocked with my own power I stare down at the unconcious body on the floor, Don't even think about helping it. The voice says.

I-I- I wasn't... Sorry.

Whatever, just MOVE! I do as it says and run as far as I possibly can to the next safe house.

The End

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