Daisy: Another crazy

I run to the end of the street and into the woods. I weave in and out of the thick and thin trees my ears watching for anything dangerous. Daisy, the girl with world class hearing. That little voice in my head says.

I break through the trees, the bright sun light attacks my eyes, my hand snaps up in reflex mode and protects my eyes. A dark figure blocks the light from me and hand slowly lower it. I look carefully at the floating figure who seems to have wings, my breath catches in my throat, It's an angel.

No it isn't. The voice says, I bet you that, that is not an angel. It's energy is too dark.

As if the ex-angel dude was agreeing with The Voice, it starts to shout. "I am Rafael," Whatta name, whatta brilliant name. "Shut up," I say trying not to laugh.

"Once archangel of Heaven I will command the army of Lucifer and revolt against His eternal hold." Great, we have a crazy on your hands.

"Says the voice in a teenager's body." Shut up. "No, you."

The anti-Christ speaks the truth in saying that this world is in 'chaos,' but he still seems weird, saying that all around him were his siblings. Creepy! The voice says, I laugh. A little too loudly.

The anti-christ looks to be. Oh no!

The End

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