Arrow: Can't be bothered

"I can't be bothered" I say shrugging and putting my hands up behind my head.

"What?" Rafael hisses annoyed.

"I don't want tons of blood, I like the way things are" I say shrugging. Then with that I wave a hand at the side of the whirlwind and it disperces. I begin to walk away and feel a touch of a blade to my back.

"I do not offer you a choice" he hisses. I smile then before he knows it I'm behind him. I grab him and tilt his neck. He freeze's.

"I'm not just any vampire, Rafael" I whisper smiling. He turns and tries to stab me but I'm now a meter back snikering happily.

"Stop playing games" he hisses.

"No" I whisper. "Hey, Seeker. I think you'll enjoy messing with this one a lot more" Then with that I turn on my heels and walk away with Rafael not daring to follow me.

The End

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