Rafael: Disciples

I did it, no longer would I be tethered to Him, I could be my own person. An eternity in servitude to the Almighty, entering chaos I have my own mind, and that makes me very angry.

So now I just had to find Lucifer, to join his cause in the revolt against heaven, this I was not so happy about, for an Angel to retain their powers, they must either be with Him or the Devil, already I had changed but If I did not find him, I would become human and that was the last thing I wanted.

My wings were tucked away in my robes, to a human, there was the faint image of a face so as not to scare them and my robes made me look like some exotic monk.

I neared a park, there was a group of demonic beings arguing, I could see a vampire, a demon vampire hybrid and a Djinn. I stare into their souls, see everything about them, they could be useful, though nothing can harm and Angel other than another Angel such as myself, they still had uses. All beings no matter how monstrous have souls, all souls belong to God less they be denounced, and another soul for Lucifer strengthens him and aids the revolt.

They were arguing, the vampire was wandering into my direction, I know what they had been saying. Above all things, a Fallen One prides themself on their cunning.

"Hail, Arrow," I smile.

he looked at me strangely, he could tell what I was, Angels hunted these beasts to purge them, prevent them from feeding, every time one feeds they grow further apart from God, if you stop them, they go to Heaven, I had killed a few, but now I was different.

"You are an Angel?" he asks, realising something is wrong.

"A Fallen One, like an Angel, just slightly different," he nodded at this.

"I didn't recognise you for a moment, though tell me, what can you do?"

"My will be done, should I wish it, it shall happen, I am invulnerable to all but the Angels blade, I can fly and take ones soul just by looking at them now that I am a Fallen one, I can heal... and take life," I forgot to mention my cunning.

"Then what do you want from me? I have no soul..." he looked bitterly at that.

"No, you don't, that is why I wish for you to join me in my search for Lucifer, join us and we caan give you all the blood you desire, amongst other things," I laughed a soft tinkling one, "you do not even have to fight," he pondered this when the others came by.

"Who are you?" the Djinn asks.

My wings erupted from my robes, larger than a tree, black and repelling energy, I drew my sword before me, like perfect obsidian. The area around me erupted in dark purple flames, the wind picking up into a large whirlwind making us invisible to everyone outside.

"I am Rafael!" I bellow, calling upon the Lucifer to put power in my voice, "Once Archangel of Heaven I will command the army of Lucifer and Revolt against His eternal hold, the world has fallen into chaos, join me to be free of persecution, to redesign the world in our image, come now my siblings, join me to find Lucifer!" They all looked shocked at my outburst of power. They must join me.

The End

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