Arrow: Blade

Just as the half being's about to answer a human and his mercenaries appear.

I remove my glasses. "Freeze" I say calmly. Both the half being and the djiin, Seeker look at me shocked.

"That's quite impressive" Seeker says.

"What ever?" I say and walk over sinking my fangs into the first guy.

I finish them of in secounds and a piece of metal drops from the leader's pocket. I pick it up licking my teeth.

"That's mine" the half being says.

"Nitro blade" I say raising an eyebrow at the boy.

"That's mine" he hisses.

"Dangerous thing" I say throwing it to him. He catching it with two fingers avoiding getting cut.

"Thanks" he say pulling out the actually thing which is almost complete.

"Is that a hobby?" I ask calmly.

The End

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