Daisy: Empty cupboards

I lay day on my bed, gazing outside at the sun, watching it rise and fall. I never sleep, my bed isn't a necessary, more like a pleasentary. I sigh rolling away from the window and face the door.

I rest my eyes and try to sleep, like I used to be able to when I was 3ft and smaller; but now, now I can't find it in me to rest. I roll of my bed and walk outside scratching my head.

The house seems impossibly large. When the Matrons partner left her for another, she went into depression and sacked all of the staff; it was just us two for a year, then she died. Leaving me here all alone. A fifteen year old alone, that was half a year ago.

I look around, ninty useless rooms, ten being used: my bedroom, the Matron's room unchanged, the kitchen, the dinning room, a living room, the old play room, the libary, the cinema room, the gym and a pool room. A huge house with a person.

I slide into the kitchen, open the fridge. Empty. Bugger.

So now I have to venture out into the world. Alone. Super doper rum on a trooper. I pull on my knee length boots, and leather jacket. I pull my belt hoster around my averagly sized waist. I pull my knife from the top left hand draw and slide it in my holster. I grab the rest of my gear filling all the rest of the gaps.

"Right, ready as I'll ever be." I say telling myself as I tie my hair up into a high ponytail. I pull on my leather gloves and invisable (when on skin) neck protector. go to the back door holding another knife, inhale a deep breath. I pull open the door and run out shutting the automatic door - only openable by my hand print and eye scan.

"Hello, you big bad world." I mutter, full of excitement.

The End

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