Seeker: Introductions

Ooh, scary death threats fang boy. If I weren't so bored with your twittering, I might bother myself with being scared.

I've got a sharpened stake with your name on it.

I huffed and got back to my feet, dusting myself off and turning my attention back to the half-thing that was standing before us. I'd always thought the things were legends, but evidently they weren't.

For some reason, this wasn't as surprising as I'd thought it would be.

"Human chasing you eh? Well that's an interesting situation. Why not just get rid of it, you know you're more than capable of it. One flick of the wrist and, hey presto, no more human problem." I said, examining my nails casually and giving the half-thing a friendly grin, "Name's Seeker by the way, and you would be?"

Probably something short and punchy, that's generally what these types go for. None the less, I think I'll play nice for now. I may be nasty, but I'm not stupid.

I know a dangerous one when I see them.


The End

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