The winds picks up my brown cloak, it hides my face, no-one should see my skin, it's deadly.

Once the balance of the world had shattered the Creator had sent us down to restore the balance, unfortunately chaos has a bad effect on every creature, pure good or pure evil.

Gabriella sat at the table in the pub.

"Rafa, you're early, tell me old friend, did you dispose of Mishael?" she asked in all innocence.

I grabbed her neck, her hood slipped from her head, revealing blinding light, the light of heaven. Her wings erupted from her robes, they were like long thick strands of gossamer, touching anything nearby magnetically, linking the world.

"I learned something today," I snarled. The thick blackness under the hood was impenetrable, like there was nothing there, "I learnt that we have no free will, but here, in chaos, that can change," she looked sadly, only an angel could truly see another angels face, but the face was disappearing, hurting my eyes.

"Oh dear Rafael, you will become His enemy if you revolt, you will Fall from Grace, do not tread this path, it leads only to doom," she cries.

I unsheath my crystal sword. It glows with the light of heaven, but it is already darkening.

"Only an Angels sword can kill another angel," unerneath the abyss I smiled, "I will no longer be a pawn of His, I will lead Lucifer's army and kill you all." With my pure will, she flies through the air, I pin her their.

"Kill me and you will be damned!" she pleads, pathetic.

"Then I'll be damned!"

I raised the blade, brought it down. The bright gold blood of an angel ran down the blade, it darkened, became shadow, my wings darkening, looking ripped and torn, repelling all things, and under my hood, my face becomes darkness, I have fallen from grace.

And so it begins!

The End

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