Brad: Last one standing

I am a sylph. I have all of the powers of the wind at my beck and call. Unfortunately, we were at war with the undines, I am the last one, the last sylph. I am the only one to keep the balance of the elements, if I die, the universe dies.

I was walking through the forest, bored and worried, thinking about times to come and times that were when I heard a noise. I panned around to see if anyone was there only to see nothing.

Great, so I am being stalked by something with camoflauge.

I backed up, and wound up in a clearing with nothing but short grass to hide my stalker. Then, I saw him, he was a gnome, the guardians of the earth. I call on the hidden powers of the wind and surround the gnome with a dust devil. The dirt gets into his eyes and he can't see. Then, I push him with the wind and he falls. I unsheath my blade and stab him while he was down, I was only satisfied when he stopped squirming. Then, I sheathed my sword and continued on my way.

The End

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