Dart: Dart your so niave

I assasinated the vampire and the werewolf leaders of this stupid battle over terth. I make way back to Cave where a middle aged human was sitting by a fire.

"I'm done what you have told me to. Now where is the shard?" I odered him almost

" Ah Dart you devil you." Yes he mean that literally I would say i'm partially a Demon, and partially Vampire, " Your so niave. I wouldn't give you the shard to complete your blade. You would kill me afterwards wouldn't you?"  Drone said.

" Drone I would simply leave. There is no need to kill you. You know all to much about things making you a valueable asset. But I do have to say you piss me off."

" Well thats to bad Dart. You see I have you lined up to die. Kill him" Drone commanded. 

Suddenly Drones many mercanaries came out  with weapons of all types. They tried shooting me. Bullets have no effect on Demon hide. Arrows nope. Swords yes. A human sliced through my skin.

" I`ve gotcha ." He said. 

I kicked the human to the far back of the cave. this fight wasn`t going end well. With the speed of both a vampire and a demon I crashed outside of the cave. I ran till I could no longer breath.

The End

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