Arrow: Vampire

2020...... a boring but drastic year.

I yawn and let my canine's extend. I push a hand back through my dark black hair and train my blood red eyes on a female walking silently by trying to stay in the shadow's.

I smile..... feeding time. I jump down and smile at the fightened girl.

"It's okay" I whisper and the girls eyes take on a dazed effect. I pull her toward me and make her tilt her head. I push the hair away from her neck then sick in my teeth.

I drink heavily and walk away licking the blood off my lips, leaving her almost dead body behind me. Some one else can have the remains. I look up at the moon and smile.

I love being a vampire. I've been one for 150 years now and remain in my tall and muscular seventeen year old body. The only part of me that changed was my attitude and my eyes, that glow red during the night and are a dark brown during the day..... A perfect camoflarge for the day.

I smile one more time then take off home.

The End

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