In the shadows

This is about when the world of mythical creature ie, Vampires, WereWolves, Demons, Angels, Pixies etc clashes with the world of the clueless humans.
There is only one rule, please keep the 'mature' stuff to a min. Other than that, let you imagination run free - literally ;)
Look at the first page for the details =D

The world in 2020. The world is falling apart, everything is creeping out of the woodwork!

In this world anything goes, murder and crime rates on the increase as the whole concept of law and order flys out of the window. This is the world of survival.

Humans know that they and all of the animals and fish and plants are not alone in the universe. There are vampires and werewolves, pixies and faeries, shapeshifters and clones, witches and wizards, and many many more things.

If you want to add a chapter, then do so.

The charectors:

Daisy: Female, fifteen and a half years old. Half human, half unknown. -D.Daniels.

Arrow: Male, Vampire, seventeen human years, 150 vampire years. -CrystalRose

Dart: Male, age unknown' Part demon, part vampire. - Chimerakiller2

Brad:  Male, age unknown, last of the sylphs. - Seraphim'sZephyr

Rafael (Rafa): Male, Fallen angel. -Nosirrah

Seeker: Male, 4ft 10, male, little monster with some witch powers can shapeshift do hexes etc.

 Glitter (Terra): Female, Pixie. Affects atoms in objects -can make them dissaper. Doesn't know there's a human world only the forest. - (Anyone who wants it.)

Rush:Male, werewolf. -EvanSterlingGraham.

Iris: Female, part werewolf, part vampire, part siren, part human. Turns into a white tiger when needs to drink blood. -UberEvilAngel

Azure: Male, Angel of death, wants revenge on God. -Geebs

Tallulah:Female, half demon, half human. Wants to know how to stop change herself back into a human -PaperbackMartha23

Cassie:Female, witch, can teleport - dottylotti


The End

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