Land Ho!

Susannah was so thirsty. Sure, she was also hungry, but it was the thirst that was killing her. Literally. The fact that they were surrounded water made it worse. Sparkling, yet salty, tempting people to drink its deadly waters. The reason for her thirst was the rationing. It was her idea of course, being the leader and all. They could have the food finishing too quickly. When one particularly large man Had the audacity to argue, she yelled at him. "Oh, that makes so much sense!" she shouted, "We should eat all our food now! All we have to do is pay the small price dying in the middle of freaking nowhere!" But now she was beginning to see why the man was against rationing. Maybe they could take a little more water... 


Oh no, thought Susannah, I'm hallucinating. But as the noise level spiked she looked up and saw...

Land. Shining like a jewel in the water. Finally. Escape.

The End

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