Let's Get Out of Here

Susannah was shaken. Slowly, she picked herself off the floor of the plane and surveyed the scene. Some people were slumped in there seats and others were crying crying. Come on, she thought, pull it together and remember your training. "Everyone," she said more confidently than she felt. "Please head to the exits in an orderly fashion." She instructed some men on how to deploy life rafts, including one in a strange robe. She noticed that one man wasn't moving. "Come on, sir." she said, "We need to leave." She shook him and and his face turned toward her, his eyes blank. She muffled a scream. Poor guy, she thought, he must have died from the internal pressure. She ran to the exit. She was one of the last to go. "Hey, need a hand?" She looked at the speaker and frowned. It was the man that punched a passenger in the nose. "No thank you." she said in an irritated tone. Then she jumped into the life raft. When everyone was out, they pushed the life rafts away from the plane. "Hey," said a man shouted, "What now!" "Don't worry. I know we'll be alright." Susannah said. She looked around, hoping no one could tell she was lying. 

The End

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