Marlane, Researcher

 "...we are experiencing engine trouble." followed by the sound of grating static.

Then all pandemonium broke loose. It's like a cage of wild animals she thought; they don't realize what an amazing chance this is, to experience one of the famous phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle. What a fabulous research opportunity! At the age of 35 and accomplishing nothing, this was god's gift to me. I placed the oxygen mask on my face, and calmly assumed the emergency position. Desperately I tried to ignore the screaming banshee next to me. I needed to remember all of this, the report must be accurate. 

The plane jerked violently, knocked my glasses to the floor, I didn't see where due to the flickering of the lights and ivory hair covering my face. Thump! I looked up only to see several pieces of baggage fly over my lanky figure. 


I felt glass on my tanned skin followed by searing pain. Crimson liquid oozed from the gash along my arm. 

"Anything but… that please don’t let it be.” opening one dirty coloured eye I screamed “Blood!"  My vision clouded, so I'm a little squeamish. "Don't let it hamper your work Mar you can do this!" I couldn't everything went black.     


The End

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