Jack Montgromery: A little rude

As the plane begins to take off , I begin to turn the volume up high on my music player. What I was listening too some would call something that offends the ears , well thats what the names rep seems to have , but I have decided to distuinguish punk into two catergories. Horrible punk , and Punk that doesn't sound like someone is skinning a cat alive. Anyways my trip to Brazil was not one of relaxing but one meeting a sponsor for a an expidetion across the world researching cave dwellers , and testing out new equipment. The people to my right begin to get angered at my music and begin to poke me to get my head phones off. I do comply.

" Hey can you turn you music down." The Snooty tuxedo person says like he has power, and money. A type and tone of voice that annoys you.

"  Hey there is a word called please. But ya sure sorry." It is after my fault for putting the music up high. I turn it down , and put my headphones back on but this guy doesn't stop here.

" You had no right to patronise me like a child mister I find that hugely offensive!" He says qiute loudly.  I'm not too sure what this guy wanted from me but I thought it would better to ignore him.  He pokes me between the ribs , and my stinking refelexes hit the guy on in the face knocking his glasses off.

Ah crap this definetly didn't look good didn't especially since I'am a rather big muscled guy from all my climbing in caves , plus my unruly hair and general appearanve  didn't exactly help me look like someone who wouldn't punch a annoying buisnessmen or atleast thats what I assumed. I also guessed this was a setup though because the guy  makes a quick movement to wack his head on the seat breaking his nose.

" This man just assaulted me!" He complains a now bleeding nose.

Great I look like a terrorist or at the very least I brutally violent person.

The End

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