Lucy: Recalling Events

I tried to remember what had happened. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a handmade fire pit and sand, lots of sand. And the edge of a jungle. What had happened? I remembered the plane, I remembered ordering food from the nice hostess, Susan I think her name was. I'd only closed my eyes for a couple seconds and then I awoke to chaos, and blood, the person next to me – god I wish I asked them what their name was – was bleeding from the window shattering, they weren’t saying anything and all I had to guide me was the same hostess from before. Somehow I managed to reach the shore. And now I've woke up to this. My name's Lucy, I'm only sixteen and here I am stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. Now I really regret running away. The argument hadn't been that bad, and now I might die lost and alone and never see my parents or little brother again.

The End

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