Coconut Stew

Lydia looked at the cocunut shell in her hand filled with white, gooey liquid. She grabbed a stick, brushed the sand off it and started stirring it absent-mindedly.

"You'd better drink that before it gets cold. It's really nice when it's warm."

"What do you know?" She said sharply. "What are you, like, 5?"

"10, actually. I'm Jill. You're Lydia, right?"

Lydia merely scowled at Jill before returning back to sloshing the mixture around in her shell. After about ten minutes, she tossed it on the sand and stood up. As the stew was about to spill into the sand, a pair of hands caught it.

"Jeez. We need this. We haven't got an ever lasting supply of coconuts, you know."


Lydia walked against the breeze, towards the ocean. She found a place with a nice view - she didn't know how she figured this out, as all of the views were basically the same: a vast, wide stretch of ocean. Her legs and arms grew goosebumps against the cold wind that bit at every visible inch of her skin. She ran her fingers through her lilac hair and gazed as the water rippled.

She sat like that, completely still, for a long time. She was totally numb, emotionally and physically. Was Susan lying? Was it some twisted joke? She didn't see why she would make something up as cruel as that, though. It had to be true.

Even if Susan was telling the truth, though, Lydia still couldn't admit to herself that he was really gone. Mitch was her one and only. They had been best friends since they were two years old.

Fifteen solid years of friendship. Fifteen. Even when they argued, they was still friends. Lydia was the type of person to hold a grudge on somebody for ages, but never on Mitch. They'd be best friends again the next day. She couldn't stand not having him by her side, not having anybody to go to when she was having a rough day.

But now what? Now there could be no apologies, no hugs, no chatting. Nothing. He was gone from her life. Why couldn't she accept that?

She remembered when she was about four or five. She was sitting at her desk, crayons and paper scattered everywhere. After a bit of internal debation, her first choice was the pink crayon, and she drew her, one hand by her side, the other hand outstretched, as if trying to grab something invisible. Something, what she didn't know then, would be gone in thirteen years..
She took the blue crayon, and formed the invisible object. Mitch. She grabbed brown and yellow and drew their hair: Mitch's; brown and spiky, Lydia's; yellow and untidy. She drew a large red love heart in between the two of them and turned the paper over.

to mitch,
you are my best friend. We shood go to the shops tomorrow. it will be fun. I'll get you a rasberry ice lolly. i know they are your fayv
phav faveorete best ones.
it was very hot today. I went swimming with Mum. I asked her if you could come, but she said you was buzy. I was sad. she said you can come next week. She is going to fone your mum in the morning.
I like Summer. what month do you like best? Summer is my best month. so is Desember, that is cristmas. I'm going to get you a hole box of rasberry ice lollys for cristmas, even thow its cold. maybe even 2.
i love you so much Mitch! i miss you. Im going to get mum to send you this in the post. send me one back.
love you lots and lots and lots with cherrys on top
lydia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lydia snapped out of her daydream, surprised to find the sky almost light and gentle tears trickling down her face. She rubbed them away hastily, pushing herself up from the ground.

Her body went completely rigid and cold. A large silhouette was standing amongst a tangle of bushes as she turned around. He stepped out into the light, and she saw (to her great relief) somebody she recognised. He'd been helping Jill make the stew. In his arms were a large pile of fish, Lydia could smell them, even though she was standing ten feet away from him.

"Young lady, are you okay? Your eyes look very red and-"

"I'm fine. I just need some time alone." Jack hesitated, picking a fish up he'd just dropped. As she walked back towards the fire, he could have sworn he'd heard her mutter something like 'jeez, no privacy on this stupid island.'


The End

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