Susannah sighed and got up. She didn't want the girl to get lost. She found looking around the bushes, shouting her friend's name.

"Listen, kid..."

The girl turned around, her face livid. "Don't call me a kid, you liar! Mitch can't be dead! He just can't!" She resumed her shouting. Susannah was about to walk away when she heard a rustling in the bushes.

"What the..."

There was a low growling sound and she could make out a dark form in the bushes...

Susannah grabbed Lydia's arm and pulled her back to the fire, constantly looking over her shoulder. Once there, she sat heavily on the sand, panting. Then she looked at Lydia.

"Here." She handed her a bowl of coconut stew. This time she accepted it, her eyes dark and dull. Susannah felt sorry for her.

The End

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