Susannah: Getting to Know Each Other

As she picked up a little boy and carried to the fire, she watched Stirling roast fish for the others when they woke up. She laid the boy down gently and turned to Stirling. "Will you be able to catch enough fish for everyone?" She asked.

Stirling looked up at her. "No."

"Well, we could mixed it with a bit of the plane food and make a stew."

"I know." He gestured toward the packets next to him.

"Oh." There was an awkward silence. Susannah walked off and helped Jill carry a particulary heavy man. She recognized him as the man wh had asked for extra ration on the boat. As she and Jill struggled to carry down the beach she thought about Stirling. He didn't talk a lot and she didn't know much about him. She was determined to get to know him. There wasn't much else to do. She and Jill put down the man, and Susannah turned to Stirling once again. "So tell me about yourself."

"Aren't you suppose to be helping Jill?"

She turned and saw Jill struggling with a pregnant woman. She sighed and walked toward her.

The End

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