In the Middle of Nowhere

A group of travelers are flying on a plane in the Bermuda Triangle. When they crash, they end up on an island where an unknown creature tries to pick them off one by one.

Susannah Taylor loved her job. But as she watched her bag go slowly through the X-ray machine, she twirled her blonde hair and  wondered whether going on this particular flight was such a good idea. Her friends always told  her she was the unreasonable one, the kind of person who worried about everything. They said it was amazing how she stood going up in a plane so often. They were certain that she checked all the safety equipment before the plane took off. However, Susan found being on a plane strangely relaxing. She loved looking at the clouds and talking to people and seeing their destinations. She even liked the food. Sure, being everyone's personal slave was annoying, but the good outweighed the bad. Beside, she had ways of getting the particularly annoying ones back. Like spitting in their drinks and serving their food last and ignoring their requests. It was fun being an air hostess. But she had a  bad feeling about this flight. It was a flight to Brazil. And it ran straight through the Bermuda Triangle.

The End

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