The Rock

What happens when the objects from your daily life and games come to life and tell their story with unbridled truth?

Being a rock is a pretty easy life. I am constantly at rest, able to observe the motions of others. Few creatures stop to talk to me, but I like it that way. When I wish to move from my current home I put on a bit of shine to attract one of the oh so fascinating humans. The offspring of the human species have a particular penchant for tossing me to just the right new place. Sometimes I get the chance to venture underwater and other times I am plucked from the fire mountains and placed in special places of honor. That is the place that every rock wants to go. Going to these fancy, cushioned apartments means a lifetime of luxury and the opportunity to meet rocks from places all across the Earth and other planets. This is where rock-kind can share their lives and educate the humans in things they will never completely understand. We rocks retain things even humans cannot comprehend, at least not yet. The humans have found a way to view the impressions that some objects and species leave between our layers, they can understand the processes that affect us and how that relates to the time we have spent on Earth, and they have learned how to destroy us to gain access to other more prized rocks and minerals.


The End

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