The Prince’s Trials

[Author's note: This takes place after the King dismisses Sarah and company in Phoenix Rising: Judged by the King. Hopefully it gives you a glance into how the King thinks, a little more on the Prince everyone loves to hate, and why the Prince shows up to take the First Year Trials]

“I can’t believe you are letting them get away with that.” The Prince muttered as Lady Abigail sailed out of the room Sarah and Jason trailing behind her.

The King kept his silence as he moved to the door. He shut it and turned to his son. The boy had gone to his desk where he stabbed his quill viciously into its ink well.

“And just what am I letting them get away with son?” His eyes had hardened. He was beginning to regret having been so lenient with the boy.

Theo’s head jerk up and he stood. “Treason father. Phoenix has turned his scout troop into a joke, brining a woman along with them. I wonder if any scouting was actually done the three months she was there. He has lied about the assassination. How many times has it been stressed that no one survives a Nigiri assassination, yet he claims she’s survived two!”

“Enough!” the King bellowed and he faced his son across the desk. He was still a fraction taller than his son. Straightening to his full height he looked down upon him. “You will not brandy about the word Treason without just cause. What Phoenix has done was a simple infraction of Scout bylaws. In no way was his intent to harm our persons or our kingdom.”

“But,” the Prince began. A glare from his father shut his mouth.

“Sending Sarah to the First Year trials is a way to conclusively judge whether or not she really did compromise his troop.”

“I hope she fails,” Theo muttered sitting back down at his desk.

The King glared at his son for a moment as the boy sulked. “I think she will pass.” He set his hands down on the desk. A smile begin to form at his lips. “I think you ought to take the trials with her.”

“What?” Theo’s head shot up but his father had already turned.

“Yes,” the King chuckled slightly, “It will do you good to see what our Scouts go through. Shame I hadn’t thought of it earlier.” The King continued to talk to himself as he sorted papers. “Should have put you through the training itself, with Phoenix. Of course we had no idea just how far he would go back then. Good role model he is.” The King looked back at his son. “You ought to take note of him Theo. Rare is the man with the kind of faith and loyalty that Lord Phoenix has.”

Prince Theodoso stared at his father in shock. His mind reeled with the implications of what his father had just said. Theo stood and left the room, suddenly his mind was filled with the thought: “What if I fail?”

The End

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