Lady Abigail’s Decision

[This chapter takes place durring Phoenix Rising: Restless. I had to do a bit of a rewrite on it, but somehow I needed to make sure Lady Abigial went with them to the interview. Who better to advocate for Jason and Sarah?]

Once Sarah was out of ear shot Jason turned to face his mother. “Do you really believe it is True love, mother?”

Lady Abigail turned her son. “Would you deny it now? After all you have told me?”

“I will not deny that I love her,” he stated. “But True love is a gift from the Gods and this, this,“ he sighed. “This has been more a curse than a blessing.”

“You have such faith,” his mother reached out and touched his cheek tenderly, “and yet you cannot see this as your reward for serving them?”

“And how will it be a reward,” Jason sat upon his chair again, hoping his feelings were not leaking to Sarah right now.  “When my father disowns me for marring her and I am given a dishonorable discharge from the Scouts for loving her?”

His mother frowned at him. “Your father will not disown you.” Her hands flourished. “He knows what the Gods expect of him. But,” she looked at Jason with puzzlement. “Why would you be dishonorably discharged from the Scouts?”

Jason sighed. “Because I kept a woman with my troop for over four months,” he ignored his mother’s gasp of shock, “which warrants demotion in and of itself; however, it is worse because I do love her, thereby compromising my judgment.”


Jason looked up at his mother. Surprisingly his last statement had agitated her more than the fact Sarah had been with his troop for so long.

“Surely you cannot believe your judgment has been compromised?” she asked.

“Well my abrupt departure by Willow to save Sarah probably was not the best of decisions, though I did have enough mind to place Mathew in charge of the Troop to bring them safely home.” Jason regarded his mother in a puzzled fashion.

“You cannot tell me that your men believe your judgment was compromised if you were left in charge for so long.”

“No,” Jason smiled riley at his mother. “Sarah and my men got a long quite well. Especially once they accepted her as a girl, in pants.”

His mother flourished a hand at him but chose to ignore his last statement. “Then who said your judgment was compromised?”

Jason stood, scowling slightly at the memory. “Prince Theodosios visited us at Griffon’s, shortly before your arrival in Riverbend. He never said it, but he implied it.” He sighed and shook his head knowing his mother hated inferences. “There has been an investigation going on, for my men have told me they have all been questioned. Tomorrow Sarah and I shall stand before the King for final judgment. That is why we were summoned.”

“Well,” his mother stated placing a hand upon his shoulder. “May the Gods keep the King and his son, but the Prince needs a proper education in faith.”

Startled, Jason did a double take of his mother. Hearing criticism from her about the Royal family was unexpected to say the least.

“No, there is but one thing to do.” She turned and began to leave the room. “I am coming with you.”

Jason opened his mouth to say something, but her posture was set with determination. Knowing better than to try and pursued her against it as it would only strengthen her resolve, he followed her and went to bed.

The End

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