Princely Judgement - Jason (Part 2)

 Jason immediately steeped in. “She was picked up unexpectedly, Your Highness.” He bowed though his eyes never left the Prince as he tried to judge the situation.

“And how long was she with your troop Scout Sergeant Phoenix?” The man asked with contempt.

Jason swallowed. Sarah had once told him that it was always best tell the truth, lest you find yourself explaining why you lied. “Over three months, Your Highness.”

“Three months?” The Prince’s voice raised a pitch. “So you took her into enemy lands when even in untroubled times a scout troop is no place for a woman!”

“With all due respect, Your Highness,” Jason drew himself up to his full height so that he looked down upon the Prince ever so slightly. “Sarah, in no way, endangered our mission. In fact without her help we would not have captured an enemy scout or procured our target.”

“She,” the Prince looked at Sarah disbelievingly, “Helped with that?”

“She has also survived two Nigiri Assassinations, Your Highness.” Jason drew the two weapons he had been keeping in his pocket and let them clatter onto the table.

“People do not survive Nigiri Assassinations.” The Prince glared at Jason, one hand hovering above his sword hilt.

“Well she did, Your Highness.” It had been the Grand Pairents’ belief that she would. Had they not told the Prince. Jason felt uncertain. “Surely Grand-Fayther Jesus explained what happened when he returned to the capitol.”

“Her assassin was the Godless Nigiri?” The Prince’s hand clutched his sword hilt.  He took a step towards Jason. “If I find you are lying.”

Jason bowed his head to the unspoken threat. No reason to further antagonize the Prince. “I am not, Your Highness.”

“I will vouch for him that it was indeed the Godless Nigiri, Your Highness.” Griffon stepped into the room. Jason flashed him a grateful look.

The Prince furrowed his brow at Griffon. “And Scout Sergeant Griffon, what do you know of this woman?” His hand gestured to Sarah who sat head in her hands.

“I didn’t meet her till the Sergeants met up for that big assignment, Your Highness.”

“So though you have been known to visit the Laville manor frequently you had never met this woman before when she claims to have known Phoenix for most of her life.” The Prince was nearly yelling.

“I be telling the truth Your Highness.” Griffon held up his hands.

“With all due respect Your Highness.” Jason interrupted. “It was by the Gods will that she was brought here. If you could just have faith.”

“Faith?” Prince Theodosio’s voice raised an octave. “You ask me to have faith when the Gods let one of their own capture my sister and then claim he was Godless to cover their mistake!”

“Balsphemy!” Griffon outburst. “Your Highness, the rumors about the Godless Nigiri were circulating well before Princess Allmerah was taken.”

“Rumors,” the Prince scoffed. “All set by the King of Azer to aid in his conquering of Vervell.”

“We don’t rightly know that it’s the King behind it all, Your Highness.” Griffon all but forgot the Prince’s title.

What is going on? Sarah’s soft voice interjected into Jason’s head. He glanced to Sarah where she sat. He had not meant to get her into any of this, yet she bore it. His lips turned up in a light smile. I will try to explain later my love, he returned her thought.

“And what kind of proof do you have for that?” the Prince demanded to know.

“The fact that Prince Hermanos willing followed us into Vervell, Your Highness.” Jason continued before the Prince could comment. “As well as the fact that he was sent to help Sarah as a scullery maid while she was in the General’s camp. Additionally the General had dislocated the Prince’s arm.”

“Prince Hermanos didn’t have a dislocated arm when I left him.” The Prince was going to be tough to convince.

“Sarah relocated it for him the night of his capture, Your Highiness.”

“Did you witness this?”


“So,” The Prince interrupted, “Does this wench of yours have any more of a name than Sarah.”

Jason bit back his irritation at the man. Doing his best to not even clench his fists, he replied as calmly as he could.  “Her name is Sarah Ann Smith. She has lost everything, Your Highness”

“Apparently she has gained something.” The Prince glanced meaningfully at Jason and Sarah rings before storming out the door.

“Well, that went well.” Griffon remarked after a moment of silence.

The End

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