Princely Judgement - Jason (Part 1)

[Authro's note: I had to go back a justify how Sarah coudl receive a letter addressed to her from the King, so it seemed reasonable to find out what all Jason Griffon and the Prince were arguing about while poor Sarah had a headache. In the process I leraned some other useful information, like why there is no Queen of Vervell and who was responsible for kidnapping the Princess. Some of that information made it in, some has been typed into my notes. Anyway it ended up being three pages so it's a two parter. Remember this actually takes plce before Sarah meets Rosaline.]

Jason was having a hard time advocating for Mathew’s request for promotion. It was really an argument best saved for having with the Scout General as opposed to Riverbend’s Scout Commander. It didn’t help that he could sense Sarah was in some sort of distress.

Oh god Jay I could really use your help. Her voice came unbidden into his mind.

Without thinking he responded back. I will return soon my love.

“I am sorry Commander, truly I am. Mathew did not give Griffon and I enough time to fully prepare for this.”

Jason stood as did the Commander. They gripped arms.

“I understand. There is much going on right now, and it may well as be not a good time for such a promotion.”

Jason smiled grimly, “If only he would understand that, for I certainly do.”

“May the Gods keep you.”

“And you as well.”

They broke their grip and Jason left the room. He passed both Griffon and Mathew without looking at them. All he knew was that Sarah was in trouble. I am on my way my love, his mind called out to her.

“He’s got that look,’ Mathew grumbled. “Hey.” He grabbed Jason’s shoulder, “If you,” he began.

Jason turned back to him, impatience showing in his eyes. “Spoil things because of Sarah? No. The Gods are at work here and you know it as well as I.”

“If it’s not tha Gods then it may be the Prince,” Griffon interrupted their staring match.

“Hermanos?” Jason and Mathew questioned simultaneously.


This time Jason followed Griffon’s gaze up the street. There sparkling in the sunlight was Prince Theodosio’s royal euanterage.

“He’s talking to Sarah!” Suddenly Sarah’s distress and need for Jason to be there made perfect sense. Jason quickly moved behind the houses so that he could enter through the back door. Thankfully there was no guard posted there. Not that the Prince of Vervell should have to worry about such things.

Jason slipped quietly into the house, followed quickly my Griffon. They listened from the kitchen for a moment.

“How long have you known him?” Prince Theodosios demanded to know.

“Most of my life, Your Highness,” Sarah answered.

“Then you were not randomly picked up by Phoenix Troop.” The Prince’s tone had soured.

The End

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