Back to the Temple

[Author's note: This chapter happens right around the end of Phoenix Rising, Diferences of Opinion. The ending was a bit changed from the edited versions. Beware there's a spoiler in here abou the Temple, which Sarah will not see until the end of Phoenix Rising.]

Martha caught Sarah struggling at the well. She chastised her for being up. Protesting that she was really feeling fine, Sarah still found her self being ushered back into Griffon’s. Amidst amused looks from the men, Sarah was taken upstairs and put to bed.

“I don’t want to see you out of bed until the Moyther gets here in the morning.” Martha stated in that motherly tone that demanded obedience.

So Sarah lay in bed listening to Martha give her mind to the men below. Curling into a ball, she let her emotions flow out in tears. This was Jay’s world not hers. How could she belong here? She who was used to the blurred lines between the sexes. I just don’t belong, she thought over and over.

Silence settled after Martha left. Jason’s could feel Sarah’s sorrow, but he had no idea how to ease it.

“See,” Mathew spoke, “he’ll be disappearing soon. He’s got that look.”

“What look?” Jason asked refocusing on Mathew and Griffon.

“That glazed look,” Griffon replied. He turned to Mathew as Jason stood. “At least we know where he’ll be going.”

But Jason didn’t immediately go up the stairs to Sarah. He knew he was in part to blame for her sorrow. I’ll talk with you soon my love, he thought to her as he went out the Kitchen door.

Sarah was nearly asleep when Jason’s voice drifted into her head. He had called her his love. One last tear fell onto the pillow before she slept.

In the yard Jason stood at the spot where he had killed the Godless Nigiri. Rain had washed away all evidence of what had transpired. Even the blackened spot where the body had been burnt was covered in grass. Questions raced around in Jason’s mind. Why? But he knew better than to ask the Gods for reasoning. How and what were more likely to provide clarity.

Jason turned on his heal and when back inside. Griffon and Mathew still sat at the tbale.

“Where you going no?” Mathew asked.

“The temple,” Jason replied moving past them to the short hall. “Are you coming?”

Mathew snorted. “If you can kill a Nigiri what do you need a bodyguard for? Besides the reason behind your disappearances is known, so why should I bother?”

Jason stood at the door and looked back. The man had been his constatnt companion since the age of thirteen. While he’d thought nothing of leaving him behind to save Sarah, going to the temple without him seemed, odd. “Suit yourself.” He said at last with a shrug and left through the front door.

Jason arrived at the temple just as a man and woman were leaving arm and arm. Judging by their expressions, the bright wrist tattoos and the noise coming from the Knight’s manor, they were newlyweds. Jason ducked under the willows and waited for the Priest and Priestess to pass. He didn’t have to wait long.

Stepping into the temple he marveled at how like the Grove it was. Or maybe the Grove was like the Temple. Jason smiled remembering the chicken and egg debate Sarah had once told him about. Sarah, Jason allowed himself a moment of pure joy at the fact that she was here. Then he strode up to the Well of Life. Jason knelt before it. Contemplating the stairs that descended into its darkness he prayed for guidance.

At last his own hunger roused him. The sun was low on the horizon. Sighing Jason rose. He had, had no visions, no voice in his head, no affirmation or denial of his thoughts. All he knew is that the Gods had a master plan, that both he and Sarah were part of. All he cared was that, at the end of it all, he and Sarah would be together.

The End

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