A "Cordial" Conversation

[author's note: This was before I'd met the General and seen the overa conflict that hovers around the story now. This would have taken place durring "Learning to Fight (Part 2)".]

Jason and Matt went out as a pair for the first time since they’d picked up Sarah. Jason could tell Matt wanted to talk, but he didn’t say anything till the second day out.

“So why is it you never told me about Sarah before?” Matt asked.

Jason sighed, Matt had been his companion since they were 8. This was the only thing he hadn’t told him. “I never told anybody,” he said. Matt snorted. “I did try to bring you once, but you couldn’t follow me into the grove.”

“When was that?”

“Back when we were 13,” Jason said, “that day you lost me hunting.”

“Your mother almost killed me for that.”

“I know,” Jason sighed again and they lapsed into silence, eventually falling asleep.

“She’s why you didn’t marry Lady Angelina, isn’t’ she?” Matt continued the next night. Jason looked over at him, but Matt was looking into the woods. “I remember your mother was so disappointed. Especially since I couldn’t tell her who you were in love with.”

“Was it that obvious?” Jason asked. It put a new light on his mother’s continual insistence that she’d welcome any girl he chose to bring home. Matt nodded. “Lady Angelina was in love with Lord Trashue’s son, anyway,” Jason said and shrugged.

Matt chuckled, “always wondered she wasn’t too despondent.”

Jason thought the matter was dropped, till Matt spoke up again on the sixth night.

“You intend to marry her, don’t you?” Matt almost stated the question. Jason shrugged, he hadn’t had time to dwell on that. “You do love her?” Jason sighed and nodded. That was a fact he’d been trying to deny for the last few years, but there was no use anymore, now that she was here. “So you will marry her.”

“It’s not that simple.” Jason said, looking out into the woods.

“Why not?”

“It’s just complex,” Jason looked over at Matt. “ Why are you so concerned? You didn’t act like this when I was engaged to Lady Angelina.”

“It’s different.”


“It just is.” Matt’s words echoed his.

Jason sighed. “You mean as much to me as she does,” Jason said, after a pause, “You’re the two people I’ve know the longest and shared the most with. She’s not going to replace you, that I can assure you.” He looked at Matt, putting his arm on his shoulder. “Besides I have no idea how this is going to turn out,” he dropped his arm, “I don’t even know how she feels.”

The End

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